Distributor & Stockist for Engineering Tools & Industrial Supplies
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Industrial mass production requires tools of high performance to meet the challenge of progress through implementation of new production methods and increasing quality demand. The aim of this requirement is to optimise the ratio between cost and utilisation." This thought guides us in FORBES to pursue An Innovative development programme for Taps Constant high quality level for our products Reliable delivery and full customer service

The Range

  • Straight Flute Short Machine and Hand Taps
  • Straight Flute Serial Form Taps
  • Straight Flute Long Shank Machine Taps
  • Straight Flute Spiral Pointed (Gun Nosed) Taps
  • Nib Taps for Nut Manufacturers
  • Fluteless Taps for Cold Forming Material
  • Spiral Fluted Taps Helical Taps (15 to 35)
  • High Performance Special Taps
  • Taps in M35 (5% Cobalt) and M42 (8% Cobalt)
  • Application Specific Taps
  • Special Taps with varied Tool Geometries

Special Service

TOTEM Special service offers you a comprehensive package of technical advise, engineering design and special tool manufacture.


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